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Complete any coding task much more quickly in a few easy steps:

  1. 1) open your favorite IDE
  2. 2) select a ticket you're working on or type a description of your task
  3. 3) get instant suggestions of files you need to change


What is Task Samurai?


Over 60% of developers spend 30+ minutes/day searching*

Your most productive time comes when you're able to focus on what you do best, writing great code. However, when you have to pause to search for code or ask/answer questions, getting back to the focus can be difficult.

Having to navigate multiple repositories and large code bases can be tricky, and you don't want to stop to write a prompt to an AI assistant or ask a coworker.

Whether you're senior or junior, creating the mental plan to tackle a task or bug can take up a lot of time and requires combining your tickets, code and external documentation.

Task Samurai wants to eliminate these hurdles by giving you the right hints without having to search for them!

* Stack Overflow 2023 survery


You provide the ingredients, we do the searching for you

Integrating Task Samurai is ultra smooth 😎 simply provide read-only access to the repositories, ticket boards and documentation pages you want and get instant recommendations directly in your IDE.

You don't need to do any searching or prompting, just select the task you're working on and Task Samurai helps you get started by recommending files, directories and links to get you coding immediately!

If you're learning new code, you'll navigate it faster than ever before and get your tasks done more quickly. No need to read tons of documentation or poking colleagues for ad-hoc calls.

Even if you're experienced with the code, you'll feel the relief of not needing to keep a huge cognitive map of your codebase and you'll appreciate finding those bugs even more quickly.


We keep your code safe and private

We know how important your code is, so we work extra hard to ensure it's properly handled.

No code or models are shared across users, meaning all learning and tuning on our models is applied to your projects only.

All access to the repositories is read-only and controlled directly in your repository provider ensuring all access is under your control and complies with provider guidelines.


What's unique about Task Samurai?

Directly in your IDE ⚙️

We integrate with your favorite IDEs so you don't need to change how you work!

Insights from your entire project history ⏪

Task Samurai analyses all history of your project to understand how code changed over time.

Super quick setup ⚡️

No-fuss setup with built-in read-only integrations with your favorite tools!

Keep your beloved tools ❤️

We integrate with your favorite tools like VSCode, GitHub, Jira, and many others so you don't have to change how you work!

No prompt engineering 🤖

We dislike writing prompts as much as you, so no need to use chat interfaces that just slow you down!

Regular Updates 😌

Task Samurai automatically learns from new code you write so you don't have to keep up with your entire project!

Keep your existing favorite tools

We know how painful it is to adopt new tools, so we integrate with the ones you already know and love so you don't need to change the way you work!

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